Anti-Bias Policing:

(Parts I and II)

Members of the public must feel that police in their area are acting, and reacting, in a fair and impartial manner, regardless of the public’s race, age, gender, socioeconomic status, etc. In order for there to be that trust, law enforcement officers must exhibit fairness during each and every encounter with members of the public. These courses provide a start to a more unbiased way of thinking and reacting, which ultimately leads to more effective policing.

De-escalation & Communication:

(Parts I and II)

This topic is broken down into two parts: Managing and Controlling Other People’s Behavior and Managing and Controlling Your Own Emotions and Behaviors. The goal of this training is NOT to tell officers WHEN to use verbal or tactical countermeasures, but to equip officers with the ability to assess human reactions so that officers can determine which countermeasures are appropriate. Officers will learn de-escalation techniques so they can leverage communication to gain compliance.


New Law Enforcement Training DVD

In the Line of Duty, law enforcement training vendor, has recently released new training entitled, Ambush Recognition / What Every Cop Needs to Know.


This training program provides an in-depth course on ambush recognition, including tactics employed to lure police officers and the response protocol once an officer realizes he or she is in an ambush situation. 






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