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Stairways and Ladders:

A Safe Step



Stairways and ladders are part of our everyday lives.  They are also a major source of on the job injuries and fatalities.  That is why it is important that employees know how to use, place, maintain and climb stairways and ladders safely.  This video goes over the proper use of various types of ladders, including portable and fixed. It also covers how to avoid injury when going up and down stairways.



Personal Fall Protection:

Your Lifelines



Falls are the leading cause of death in many industries.  Almost half of all fatal falls happen to workers within their first six months on the job.  This is why all workers, especially those working in industries with high rates of injuries, should be educated on proper fall protection. This video provides important information on Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS), hazard recognition and the fall hazard control process.

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In addition to the streamed videos, please visit the Public Entity University through the Resource eLibrary on the IPARKS website to view the following online training classes:


Ladder and Scaffolding Safety

This course covers how to recognize, control or minimize the hazards associated with ladders, stairways and scaffolding used at worksites.  Topics include ladder and scaffold hazards; construction, use, placement, care and handling of ladders; important safety features; correct procedures for erecting and moving ladders and scaffolding; fall protection devices; and electrical hazard safety guidelines.


Fall Protection

This course covers basic fall protection principles for employees who might be exposed to fall hazards.  Topics include fall hazards in work areas, fall protection systems, methods for minimizing fall hazards, the role of the employee in fall protection plans and safety monitoring systems, equipment limitations in low-sloped roof work and correct procedures for equipment, materials handling and storage and erection of overhead protection.


Safety Awareness for Seasonal Employees

As a seasonal employee, it is important to have a good overview of safety considerations.  Statistics show that new employees are more susceptible to accidents than more experienced workers.


Basic Construction Safety

This course covers the hazards inherent in construction work and how to reduce them.  Topics include hand and power tools and equipment, confined spaces, ladders and scaffolding, cranes, electricity, machinery, trenches and excavations.  The course discusses fall protection, covers for holes, chemical warning labels, PPE and material movement, handling and storage.