IPARKS is pleased to announce the addition of more than 30 new sample checklists to the Resource eLibrary!

The new checklists include:

1.     Electrical Safety

2.     Lockout Tagout Audit

3.     Safety Inspection

4.     Accessibility and Safety of Premises

5.     Weekly Safety Inspection Report

6.     Fork Lift Daily Checklist

7.     Emergency Action Plan

8.     Fall Protection

9.     Chemical Safety Audit

10.  Personal Protection Equipment Needs

Visit the IPARKS Resource eLibrary today to check out these checklists and the many other resources available for your training and educational needs!

IPARKS values its Members' input! If you have a suggestion of a training topic you would like to see included in the Resource eLibrary, please visit the IPARKS Resource eLibrary and click “Contact” at the bottom of the page or hit “Reply” to this email to let us know your thoughts.